RCA SHF-7 Record Player from 1958

SHF-7 Amp. Chassis Before
This is the “Before” picture under the chassis.

I just electronically restored an RCA SHF-7 Amplifier for a customer. New Orthophonic equalization is spectacular! I’m also awaiting rubber parts to complete the servicing of the RP-205C2 record changer. The rubber parts are an idler, 4 turrets (one for each speed), two small grommets, and three motor mounts. There are also 2 rubber washer cushions under the bolts that hold the changer deck on it’s shelf. But they’re still in good condition. Then the motor has to be taken apart to clean the top and bottom bearings. Everything that’s supposed to slide will be lubricated. Everything that’s supposed to grip, will be thoroughly cleaned.

SHF-7 amplifier chassis "After".
This is the “After” picture under the chassis.

There are 14 capacitors total to replace in this record player. 13 are in the amplifier chassis, and one is the crossover capacitor for the speakers. One resistor cracked when removing it from it’s solder lug on the old electrolytic capacitor can. So it was replaced. All other capacitors were within tolerance. The new electrolytic capacitors were relocated. The wires and resistor were soldiered to a solder lug strip to keep them neat and tidy. All new capacitors are exactly the same value as the originals. For the three that there is no currently made value, I used 2 or 3 to make one extremely close to the original. This is very critical in the New Orthophonic (Now called RIAA) equalization section. The closer to the original, the more fantastic the sound. It is fantastic.

If you “like” my Facebook page, I can send you a video of this record player by private message. I cannot post the video publicly because, it will undoubtedly contain copyrighted audio, and be removed. That’s why it has to be sent privately. Most of the time the videos are for the owners of these who I’m restoring these for.