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Usually if an antique car radio doesn't play, it probably needs a new vibrator and buffer capacitor plus a new set of paper and filter capacitors. That, in 99% of all cases brings the antique car radio back to life with "Better than New" performance. If you'd like to get your antique car radio restored please either send me an E-mail message at dave2@tubesandtransistorsandmore.com or dave2@dreamscape.com .

Dave's Antique Radio and TV Restorations
P.O. Box 285
Liverpool, NY 13088
Antique Philco Car Radio

Philco Car Radio
This is the way I estimate the price of an antique car radio restoration:
  • Restoration: I count the number of paper and filter capacitors and multiply by $15.00 and I add $36.00 for a new solid state vibrator.
  • Tax: If you live in NY State I have to charge you sales tax. 
  • Return Shipping: Whatever you paid for shipping is what I need to ship your antique car radio back to you.
  • Payment should be in the form of a US Postal Money Order (Purchaced at a US Post Office).  Please make your US Postal Money Order payable to: Dave's Antique Radio & TV Restorations, P.O. Box 285, Liverpool, NY 13088
  • Free Estimate:  My estimates are free. For more information please see "More about Estimates" below.
Estimated Restoration Cost = Restoration + Sales Tax + Return Shipping.
For more information on the other ways I price a restoration please read my FAQ.
Click on the picture of the car radio above to see one of the Mopar 802s that I restored.


I do not restore the metal case or remove rust.   I electronically restore the car radio to its original (or better) working condition.   Yes, it can work great and be rusty at the same time! Antique Car Radios were made from the 1920s until the 1950s and have tubes in them.  I specialize in Antique Tube type car radios that have a vibrator power supply only. But, if your radio is transistorized and you still want me to work on it, I will. Sometimes I'll have to replace all the low voltage electrolytic capacitors in late 60s/early to mid 70s solid state (no tubes) car radios. Occasionally, a repair needs to be done in addition to the replacement of the electrolytic capacitors as well. If your solid state car radio has a small number of capacitors (under 10), then an hourly rate will be charged for the work.

There are now 3 ways I price a solid state car radio restoration.

The cost of the Flat Rate restoration is $10.00 per paper/filter capacitor + parts + sales tax (NY State Residents) + return shipping.

Please see my FAQ for more information on solid state car radio restorations/repairs.

More about Estimates:
    Since there are thousands of Antique Car Radios I cannot give an accurate number for how much its going to cost without actually seeing it and giving you a free estimate. 
    I can give you a general estimate by e-mail if you supply me with the make and model number  of the radio. On GM (delco) the model number is usually stamped into the metal on the side. On older Ford, Chrysler, sets that are made by Philco, the model number is on a label inside one of the covers.  The general estimate assumes that nothing other than paper + filter capacitors and vibrator have to be replaced.
     Once you approve an estimate, please send an advance payment to confirm your approval.  This payment can be send with your set or after I receive your set before I begin the restoration.  The amount of the payment should be 25% the estimated total.  However, final payment is not due until the work is completed. 
     My estimate is free. So there should be no payment made unless the estimate is approved and you wish to have your car radio restored.  I order the vibrator for each set, as needed.  This is why I am asking for the advance payment on Antique Car Radios.

    As of 4/1/06 the cost of a "White Glove" Flat Rate antique car radio restoration covers Everything and anything needed to get your radio working like it did when it was new or better. I'm going to try and include all I can. Some parts, however may be unavailable, or may have to be fabricated, or if a part is extremely expensive. In that case, there may be an additional charge, but for the most part, I will include everything possible, if it is necessary.

    Please read my FAQ for more information.

Information about Antique TVs can be found on my Antique TV restoration page. 

Information about Antique Radios can be found  on my Antique Radio restoration page.

Solid State Replacement Vibrator

Packaging Peanuts

Bubble Wrap

    Please package well.  Please use plenty of bubble wrap, plenty of packaging peanuts and a heavy (double wall) shipping box.  Its even better to put a box in a box. 

   Remember, I have to use the same packaging to send your antique car radio back to you.  So please do not use a lot of tape on the bubble wrap.  If the inner box is the right size it will hold the bubble wrap on the radio.  

   Also, I cannot continue to buy new cartons and packaging materials for everyone who sends me an antique car radio to restore.  There are just too many now. So please package well.  

Thanks,  Dave...

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