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Liverpool, NY 13088-0285


I restore all makes and models.


Important Message:

Most everyone has an e-mail address and internet address. So I no longer need a phone number dedicated to this business. So I have eliminated it.
Correction: I can be called from my other website: http://davesantiqueradio.com.

Please contact me by e-mail and if you have any questions you can still call me. Thanks, Dave


Atwater Kent Cathedral Radio
Click on the Atwater Kent for the
Antique Radio Repair/Restoration Page
Antique Philco Car Radio
Click on the Antique Car Radio for the
Antique Car Radio Repair/Restoration 
A TV Test Pattern
Click on the test pattern for the
Antique TV Repair/Restoration
Information Page
Emerson Patriot
Click on the Patriot for the
All American 5 & 6 tube Table Radio Restoration Specials page.

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You are actually at my new website. clicking on the link will take you to my new homepage. I moved pages from an old website here because I like them.

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 Dave's Antique Radio and TV Restorations 
P O Box 285  
Liverpool, NY 13088-0285

dave2@tubesandtransistorsandmore.com    or


Please note: The above address accepts US Mail shipments ONLY. Please ship by Priority Mail from a US Post Office.

I prefer that you ship with Priority Mail from the Post Office.  This is because your radio or tv is held in safety at the Post Office instead of being left at my door.


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