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Radios began appearing in cars in the 1920s. However they were house radios that were powered by two bulky batteries.A commercially made car radio didn't exist at that time. The antenna was a problem as well. Back then a coil of wire on a huge wooden frame was used as an antenna. This was very cumbersome.

By the early 30s a device was invented that's a part of a special power supply that converts the car's battery voltage to the high voltage that tubes need to operate. Then a radio could operate when connected to a standard 6 volt car battery . This invention is called a vibrator.

The first car antennas were hidden either in the roof or floor (or both) of a car. This didn't work quite so well. These early antennas would pick up the spark sounds from the engine. Special resistors were used on the spark plugs to eliminate the noise. It wasn't until an external car antenna was invented, that greatly improved reception.

Philco 802 car radio

Labor By the Hour or By the Capacitor

These are my regular prices for tube type car radio restorations. Parts + Labor = the restoration cost.

Labor= $75.00 per hour
Labor = $9.45 per paper/ electrolytic capacitor replaced.
Parts is the price of all parts replaced.

The total is the restoration cost + NY sales tax (NY state residents) + return shipping*

Minimum labor is: $75.00

Flat Rate

This service is a flat rate price (Parts and Labor) for installing all paper and filter capacitors and vibrator. $15 per capacitor replaced, plus the cost of the solid state vibrator.

All other parts are extra.

A new solid state vibrator costs $36.00 ($30.00 + $6.00 shipping from my parts supplier).

The total is the Flat Rate cost + NY sales tax (NY state Residents) + return shipping*.

Minimum Flat Rate is: $75.00

White Glove

White Glove service covers the replacement of almost everything and anything (parts and labor) to get your car radio working like new or better.

The price is $20.00 x the number of paper and filter capacitors in a car radio plus sales tax (NY state residents) plus return shipping*. This is the easiest to calculate.

Minimum White Glove service is $75.00

White Glove service goes into effect only if it is found that my regular prices or Flat Rate prices exceed $20.00 x the number of paper and filter capacitors in a car radio.
White Glove Extreme

If for some reason, a set is in such bad shape (no tubes, sockets missing, wiring gone, a "basket case"), that my regular prices would exceed $40.00 x the number of paper and filter capacitors in a car radio, that radio, if I decide to work on it, would qualify for my White Glove extreme service. Which costs $40.00 x the number of paper and filter capacitors in a car radio. Minimum White Glove extreme service is $150.00.

New: All Transistor Car Radio Special.

Please make all payments in the form of a
US Postal Money Order.

US Postal Money Orders are only available at a US Post Office.

Please make your US Postal Money Order payable to:

Dave's Antique Radio & TV Restorations
P. O. Box 285
Liverpool, NY 13088-0285

Please note: My address accepts US Postal Service shipments only.

Please ship by US Mail Priority Mail and please package well.

*Return Shipping: Whatever amount is paid to ship to me I need that same amount to ship the item back.

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