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How to pack and ship

Oldtime Radio Shows For your Antique radio


Fada Model 1000

There are two versions of the Fada bullet radio.

Pictured above is the Fada Model 1000, which has 6 tubes.

There is an earlier version of this radio called the Fada Model Streamliner 115 or "The All American 189" that contains 5 tubes.

My average turnaround time is less than one day on these radios and many others.

I'm compiling a list of catalin radios that qualify for my specials. Click here or on the above picture to visit the new page.


This is a 5 Tube Emerson Patriot Radio from 1942.
This radio is quite valuable but the electronic restoration is only $49.99*.
*Plus sales tax(NY State Residents) and return shipping.


Virtually all of the most valuable Catalin (Called "Bakelite" by Antique Dealers) Radios have 5 and 6 tube "All American" radio chassis in them, making them very economical to restore A catalin, or any 5 or 6 tube wood or plastic table radio radio is made even more valuable if it both plays and looks beautiful. There were actually several different plastics used in making radio cabinets


This is a Crosley 5 Tube Table Radio.
The restoration for this model is only $49.99*.
* Plus sales tax (NY State residents) plus return shipping.


There are thousands of different 5 or 6 tube models. A list of all of them would be difficult if not impossible to compile. But these are the most plentiful type of antique radio and the quickest to restore.

More details about how this special works are below. I hope you choose me to restore your 5 or 6 tube All American Table Radio.


This is a GE 6 Tube table radio.
The restoration for this model is only $59.99*.
* Plus sales tax (NY State residents) plus return shipping.
This special is open to all AM AC/DC table radios from the late 30s through the early 60s, that contain 5 or 6 octal, "Loktal" or miniature tubes, similar to the ones pictured here. Zenith Transocanic radios, and most other 2-Way power portables aren't included in the special.

5 Tube Price: $49.99*

6 Tube Price: $59.99*

*Prices do not include Return Shipping and sales tax (NY State Residents), other parts beyond those listed, are additional. See below for more fine print.

Whatever amount was paid for shipping. I'll need that same amount for return shipping. That's what Return Shipping is.

If your radio has a power transformer it isn't an AC/DC type. However, it may still qualify for the special. If it does it will have more capacitors and expensive filter capacitors to replace. Please add $10.00 if your qualifying radio has a power transformer.

Shipping me a radio couldn't be easier. It's as easy as sending out a roll of film to be processed.

First, count the tubes in your radio. Then check to see if your radio has a power transformer or not. Radios made in the late 50s used a selenium rectifier instead of a tube like a 35W4. The selenium rectifier adds one tube to the count. If you don't want to guess, please call me*, or send an e-mail. Tell me the make and model number and I'll tell you the price.
* Call from my other website: www.davesantiqueradio.com

Next pack your radio chassis, and enclose a USPS Postal Money Order for the restoration and return shipping.

If you ship by priority mail, your radio will be back to you in less than a week, working like new or better. Express Mail is ok too, if you need your radio back quicker. Please note that the above address accepts US Mail Shipments only.

Please enclose a piece of paper with your name address and phone number, so I know who's radio is in the box. A Priority Mail or Express mail Address sticker would help with the repackaging too. Please indicate the amount the radio was insured for as well.

10% Quantity Discount: If ten or more qualifying radios are sent together and the total payment is enclosed, subtract 10% from the total.

Services provided in this special:
  • Replace all paper capacitors
  • Replace all electrolytic filter capacitors
  • Replace dial lamp, if necessary
  • Replace line cord, if necessary
  • Replace up to 5 cracked wires, if necessary
  • Replace up to 5 small resistors, if necessary

For fastest service, please enclose a USPS Postal Money Order with your radio.  
Please ship by USPS Priority Mail.

Octal tube with top pin Loktal tube   Octal Tube   Miniature tube

All American Tubes

If your tube numbers start with a 1 (1S5, 1U5, 1R5, or 3 as in 3V4), it's usually not included in the special. However, some 4 tube portable radios are, So please ask if you have a radio with tube numbers like this.

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